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It is said all too often that the world today is one big global village. Unfortunately

In this race towards globalization, youth in general seems to be losing its bearings. The choice of trends has created destructive scourges in the young environment, the most recurrent nowadays being CLANDESTINE IMMIGRATION.

CLADESTINE IMMIGRATION has become the mortal enemy of the development of our continents. In addition to the obstacles and delays it causes to development, it remains until evidence to the contrary the most favourable factor for the loss of human life.

In order to effectively combat the consequences (insecurity, transfer of diseases, loss of talent, death …) of this scourge, the African youth has resolved to create a continental platform.

The NGO-ORLUCCEJA which was founded in October 2015 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, testifies to the will of the African Youth to want to fight against this phenomenon. ORLUCCEJA (Organization for the fight against secrecy and for the development of the African Youth) is a relay organ to the African Governments and the African Structures development partners. This organization with headquarters in Cotonou, Benin, is located in several African countries and evolves with mass projects and ongoing projects. It aims at boosting the process of economic growth by calling on young people to empowerment through broad awareness campaigns on the disadvantages of the Clandestinity in general . The will of the European Union, as reflected in the UTF (Emergency Trust Fund for Africa), adopted during the Valletta Summit of November 2015, has become the sign of a reinforced synergy, or even an alignment between the objectives of migration, security and development policies. The dialogue between Europe and Africa has reached a new intensity. Over the course of recent times, the succession of European meetings, mini-summits between EU Member States and visits of high-ranking European political leaders to the African Continent testify not only to the importance of this dialogue but also to the central place that occupies the migration theme. The creation of the Continental Platform named ONG-ORLUCCEJA (Organisation pour la Lutte Contre la Clandestinit√© et pour l’Epanouissement de la Jeunesse Africaine) in favor of theYouth is the result of this will of the EU. This Organization is therefore in line with the respect of the EU steps prescribed to African countries.


And like any scourge, the solution lies in a broad awareness campaign. There is a need to call out to the population and to young people in particular on the need to preserve peace in our societies. Clandestine immigration on the other hand is a factor of insecurity. In the milieu of the African Youth, Westernization (dream of going to live in Europe) is the main cause of this scourge. Several factors favor Westernization;

We can quote among others:

– The false image of adventure sold by the adventurers having reached the shore.

– The cult of ease advocated by those who have managed to reach the West.

РThe lack of information about the realities experienced when crossing deserts and     oceans.

– The misinformation about the adaptation of daily experiences in the Western world…

All this and many other factors can only push the ambitious young person to take the path of adventure. Through a well-made Awareness, this Youngster takes a step back from this uncertain offer and think about a regular trip if necessary otherwise opt for a local investment. Awareness will allow this young person to rethinking his projects, reviewing his strategies, objectives and of course stabilizing his life as well as that of his entourage.



For a rapid impact on the Societies, the NGO-ORLUCCEJA begins its Awareness Campaign with the recruitment of Sensitizing Agents. This activity is of paramount importance in the action. To recruit a very large number of young people for this action

will not only help to get the message across to the large number of people, but also, and above all, to keep these young people themselves busy. These recruitments will take place in all regions of the country and will meet the criteria adopted by the Board of Directors. The young applicants are also the targets of our Action.


 Training and Capacity Building Seminars remain the only means necessary for the quality of the message to be passed on to the targets. The NGO-ORLUCCEJA proposes to therefore, multiply these types of seminars in order to guarantee the right level for the Agents.


The target population for us is none other than YOUTH because it is the essential link for development. The demographic dividend that the African continent has at its disposal is quite revealing in this regard; the African population is made up mostly of YOUNG PEOPLE.


Awareness raising will take into account several parameters that we will take care of detailed in the continuation of our work.

1- Networks  Associations: The Networks of Associations constitute a Platform of sensitization. Within these

Networks, we find all strata of the population. In general, they are Networks that closely or remotely follow the General Policy of the NGO-ORLUCCEJA.

2- State and Private Universities: These different student spaces constitute the appropriate environments for a real exchange with young people on the issue of the disadvantages of illegal immigration.

3- High Schools and Colleges: Within the framework of awareness raising, it is necessary for us to get closer to young girls and boys who are in middle and high schools, because at this level it is crucial to eradicate evil at its roots. In the African countries, we find in these schools post and peri-school activities that will serve as spaces for exchange with young people on the issue of the disadvantages of illegal immigration.

4- Religious Confessions Our Churches and Mosques are places by excellence for gathering people. It is obvious that the disadvantages of a plague also affect these different systems. The importance of informing the members on the measures to be taken against this scourge therefore remains salutary and especially that the mass is quickly informed

.5- The Presence of Sensitizing Agents: The Sensitizing Agents are personnel who, on a daily basis, work in the framework of sensitizing on the disadvantages of illegal immigration and the Empowering of African Youth by going door-to-door.

6- The mass media It is important to note that the success of awareness raising depends on good media coverage. Therefore, we need to develop a good collaboration with all local and international news channels and the written press.

7- The presence of a mascot: The mascot chosen is to bring a plus in the visibility of the Action. The mascot will facilitate the transmission of the message embodying the objective of the Action.

8- Creation of Control Brigades At this level, it is a question of working alongside the border police in order to maximize awareness of all outings and attempts by young Africans to go out to Northern countries.


Some development partner structures like the European Union have elaborated national indicative programs in different host countries such as: Support to Good Governance for Development, Sustainable Development of Agriculture,

Access to Modern and Sustainable Energy, and especially the FFU program that focuses on migration issues only.

All these programs are part of the framework of improving the living conditions of populations that are lacking in Young Human Capital who have deliberately opted for adventure (Clandestine Immigration).  It is therefore necessary to support these different programs by working towards the stability of youth.


In this phase of Action, it will be a question of questioning the necessity and urgency of applying the norms of Good Governance in order to call young people to become aware of the disadvantages of clandestinity to lead young people to believe in a development Starting from local possibilities with the collaboration of development partner structures; to question the Cameroonian Government on the immediate needs of the youth, to educate the youth on the future of a sufficient Africa and to accompany them. in the realization of their various projects.


Given the impact caused by this scourge, it is obvious that the action to combat it will also take a reasonable amount of time: 24 (twenty-four) months, in order to ensure that the population is properly involved in the action and that the target is well aware of it. The terms of reference of the Sensitizing Agents and Supervisors, provide for the Trimestral Publication of Brochures of Sectorial Studies on the disadvantages of Clandestine Immigration; Meetings with repatriated immigrants to collect testimonies to raise awareness of the ambitious future; the Trimestral Publication of Brochures on Investment, Training and Study opportunities in Cameroon.

It is also obvious that the feasibility of our Action’s activities will encounter Risks such as that: the difficulty to have convincing Sensitizing Agents; the refusal to make themselves available by the target, which has already risen because of the socio-political climate and the economic situation of the country, without forgetting the risk of being physically hurt that our Sensitizing Agents will take in insecure areas.

In view of the risks mentioned above, the Coordination will take steps to guarantee security by calling in advance the Administrative, Military, Political, Religious and local Authorities to accompany the Sensitizing Agents or other action bodies in the field. As for the competence of the Sensitizing Agents, the recruitment criteria adopted by the Board of Directors is favorable to the choice of competent Agents. For this the target’s refusal to make itself available, the strategy put in place is an asset to remedy this situation.

If our Action is completed, it will promote the target’s effective awareness, the discovery of neglected talents and investment opportunities ignored by this target; as a result, this target will now be ready for the implementation of projects,

innovative and favourable to the economy. The political climate will be healthier because jobs will be created through the exploitation of this new talent and investment.


Our Action will cover all the 10 (ten) Regions of Cameroon.







Global Objective: stabilize and Empowering youth in order to boost the process of economic growth, guarantee peace and clean up

the socio-political climate

5,000,000 of

people (youth)

Will be reached by the  Project by December  2020

External evaluation report  






Specific Objectives:

-Organize the Campaigns of

awareness to young people on the disadvantages of clandestine Immigration

04 Waves of awareness campaigns

will be organized during

the Action

– Attendance lists

– Mission Order

– Field report

– Photos

– Let peace reign

– That the population be


-That the Funding

be available on time

-Train the Sensitizing Agents on the notion of communication

on the Dangers of Clandestine Immigration

1000 Sensitizing agents will be

trained for implementation on the


– Attendance lists

– Field report

– Photos

-That Funding

Be available on time

-To popularize the investment opportunities that Cameroon offers. Distribution of 500,000

Brochures of Sector Studies on investment opportunities in Cameroon.

– bills

– Field report


-Let peace reign

-That the population

Expresses the will

to be informed

-Strengthen the skills of

members of the networks of association of the synergy in terms of Awareness related to Clandestine Immigration

50 Networks

of Associations will be trained and employed

in the Campaign of raising  Awareness (4 Capacity Enhancement Seminars)

-Minutes of the Meetings of


-Planning Activities Document

-Let peace reign

– That the population be

available for the


-Raise public awareness through the mass media about the

better understanding of the risks associated with Clandestine Immigration

75% of the population is

Sensitized on the Disadvantages of clandestine Immigration

-Partnership contract with

The Media

-Reports of programs


-Better understanding of the dangers of Clandestine Immigration by


Return of 3,000,000

Young people to have a good feeling about clandestine immigration

– Sensitizing Agent Reports

-Collection of testimonials from

Young people.

-Let peace reign

– That the Youth be


-Better perception of the investment opportunities offered by Cameroon. Project to create 200000 jobs over 5 years -Brochures distributed

-Projects set up by the Youth

Awaiting Funding

-Let peace reign

-That Young People Show up willingly

Limiting the rise of right-wing extremist parties in Europe and improving the socio-political climate in Cameroon. -Repatriation of at least 500 immigrants in 2 years.

-Incentive for creation

From 1000 SMEs by Sector Ministries

-Repatriated Immigrants Report

-Report of SMEs created by Sectorial Ministries

-Let peace reign

-That the populations be understanding



Decentralization of the Structure in the 10 (ten) Regions

10 Regional Representations created -Installation report


-That the funding meet the Project’s budget line item





-Census of the Association Networks doing in the Same Action as the NGO- ORLUCCEJA 50 Networks of Associations identified partnership agreement That the funding be Well allocated
Recruitment of Sensitizing Agents 1000 Sensitizing Agents recruited -Recruitment Report

-Mission Order

-That funding be available on time


Training of Sensitizing Agents and Association Networks on the General Policy of Action 50 Networks of Associations and 1000 Sensitizing agents are

Trained On the General Policy Of Action

-Workshop Report


-That funding be available on time


-To make the different documents and materials available to the Beneficiaries. 1100 chouasibles and Block Notes 10 boxes of Ballpoint pens and 10 boxes of Pencils. -Reports


-That funding be available on time